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TAG Heuer F1 Max Verstappen Special EditionMax VerstappenYesterday, I met with Max Verstappen through the introduction on the TAG Heuer Formula One Max Verstappen Special. Well, the state run name from the watch is TAG Heuer F1 Max Verstappen Youngest Grand Prix Winner Special, but let's shorten it a tad in my own sake.The cool benefit of Max Verstappen is, he is very to Earth. It might be his middle name. Initially I thought it might be his age, but that can't be it. It really is something he just is. An agreeable fellow, when he endured at a table yesterday, having a drink in their hand, very easy to approach and speak with. There is not the littlest dose of 'show' in him. Something I enjoy. Pure, a bit raw even.Introduction PartySo, TAG Heuer threw an event in Amsterdam, in addition to Customized Media. I've got to say, which i didn't even saw the watch there in all honesty. A prototype was within the wrist of Verstappen himself, but there have been none on display or show. It was with regards to the party mainly. That is fine and the other else on a regular basis! Well organized, and visited by a great deal of guests. fake rolex In addition, it became really clear the fact that guy like Max Verstappen (i guess it goes for all Formula 1 racing drivers) are lived by their sponsors. That's portion of the business and deals certainly so when you're 18 like Verstappen, it may not be that strange that you receive that little bit of extra attention.Other Racing DriversBesides some Dutch celebs, press along with other special guests, TAG Heuer also invited former F1 drivers Robert Doornbos, Guido van der Garde and Jan Lammers. I've met Jan Lammers in the past at another event, as well as he was simple to approach and really nice. Thinking about replica watches as well (he once won the Le Mans 24 and received the special Rolex Daytona for your). Robert Doornbos took the part as host on the show and introduced Verstappen on stage.Racing and WatchesMost questions that Robert fired at Max were regarding the race of last Sunday, in Spa (Belgium). Max wound up 11th after a horrible start where he crashed with Ferrari (Kimi R ikkonen) in the first curve. R ikkonen was brushed aside by Vettel (Ferrari) too, additionally, on his turned, collided with Max. The Red Bull car lost its front wing, so a required additional pit-stop to be replaced put him back many positions. Max Verstappen was criticized for his method of driving and defending against Kimi R ikkonen down the line , but because he said down the line, it turned out Ferrari that messed up his P2 begin in the primary corner, so he wasn't abandoning his position too simple to Ferrari. I am aware, however am Dutch, therefore i am biased. Max Verstappen let the guests know in Amsterdam that he enjoyed the use of a great number of Dutch fans in Spa, including the orange smoke bombs.F1 Max Verstappen WatchDoornbos also talked about the watch and about Verstappen's relationship as time passes. His answer was: "Time is everything personally. I can make sure you perform race within the shortest time possible". It shows how he is. audemars piguet wiki watches About his watch, he was nearly as short sentenced. The watch principal purpose is for optimum Verstappen and his awesome fans, which is the orange. In accordance with Verstappen it is a special, but he wasn't sure (yet) what percentage of these would be available for sale. The pr release doesn't enclose this either, and discusses a particular edition as opposed to a special. Whatevs. It is a neat watch and Verstappen fans will relish it definitely.More about the WatchIt would have been a great party, adequately hosted. But let's talk about the watch to get a bit longer than they did yesterday evening. The TAG Heuer Formula One Max Verstappen Unique is actually according to a current TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch, though with an alternative - plus more Dutch - color scheme. As we discussed on the image below, sport watch the 43mm stainless steel watch incorporates a blue aluminium bezel and much of orange accents. By using an orange (calf) leather racing strap needless to say. A great detail is the first 18 seconds (markers around the dial) will be in orange, and yes it stops the place the tachymeter scale bezel says '180'. The '18' of '180' is usually in orange, to underline the early age of Verstappen. This on which he won his first Grand Prix in Spain, to be the youngest Grand Prix winner in recent history.Caseback and MovementOn the caseback, you will find there's special engraving. It says ""TAG Heuer Formula One Max Verstappen Youngest Grand Prix Winner Special Edition". The movement is really a quartz chronograph movement making by Ronda. This might be somewhat of a let-down for several watch enthusiasts, as they desire a mechanical watch. However, to maintain the purchase price sane, TAG Heuer probably went for a quartz watch. You can debate about this forever. You will discover advantages and disadvantages, though the biggest pro is that this watch is hopefully now at your fingertips from the Max Verstappen fans.Price and AvailabilityThis TAG Heuer Formula One Max Verstappen Special Edition are going to be available starting November, for 鈧?350 Euro. Ensure that you #dontcrackunderpressure while waiting! It is possible to pre-order it here.More details on TAG Heuer via the website. A little more about Max Verstappen here.All images by TAG Heuer / Customized Media. replica cheap fake rolex watches
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